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Dr Jain

Dr. Tarun Jain and Dr. Shivani Mitra MD (Husband and Wife) are owners and founders of PSJ Pediatrics. Dr. Jain and Dr. Mitra met each other during their residency program and have been married for 16 years. They have a 6 year old son, Rohan. Together as a family they enjoy outdoor activities, tennis and golf..

Since childhood Drs Jain and Mitra dreamt of being Pediatricians. Throughout their extensive careers, they have worked in various hospitals all over the country. They have been part of some of the busiest and most critical pediatrics units.

Dr Mitra

Both Dr. Jain and Dr. Mitra are board certified pediatricians with over 20 years of Pediatric experience. They believe in the philosophy of compassionate and personal care. They don’t believe in patient being just a number. This differentiates them from big group practices.

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